Your Alaska Yacht Charter, Alaska Salmon Fishing trip, Alaska Halibut Fishing trip, Alaska Whale Watching

Alaska Salmon Fishing, Alaska Halibut Charter, Salmon Charter Fishing, Halibut Charter Fishing, Alaska Whale Watching

Alaska Fishing Charter, Best Alaska Fishing Trip, Inside Passage cruise, Alaska Yacht Charter

The Catita II, at 85 feet - considered a small cruise ship - is your premier Alaska yacht charter ship. She is equipped for sightseeing and/or your dream Alaska fishing trip. Aboard this liveaboard 85' motor vessel you will vacation in luxury. Cruise the protected Inside Passage and experience the wildlife packed Northwest Frontier!

The Catita II is maintained at the highest safety level. The Catita II has received a 5 Star Safety Rating by the United States Coast Guard. Out of the more than 3000 vessels inspected by the Alaska Coast Guard only 19 in Southeast Alaska hold this, the highest, safety rating.

Aboard the Catita II you will have opportunities to interact with nature that no commercial Alaska cruise can provide! Drop the shrimp pots, dig clams, and hike up to natural hot springs, whale watch or kayak in a hidden cove. Cruise through ice bergs to the face of a tidewater glacier. Watch it break off right in front of you. Wildlife is abundant: bald eagles soar, whales breech, mountain goats climb, bears roam... you relax.

Sightseeing is nice, but what about fishing? Aboard the Catita II you will experience unforgettable halibut, salmon, rock and cod fishing! Take a look to the right and see the 2008 largest halibut, weighing in at 260.3 lbs, caught by one of our lady passengers.

As evening falls Captain Chris anchors the small ship in a secluded cove, where you may enjoy the night sky as you sit on shore, by the campfire, reminiscing of the day's experiences.

Alaska Salmon Fishing, Alaska Halibut Charter, Salmon Charter Fishing, Halibut Charter Fishing

Salmon, Alaska Fishing Lodge, Alaska Fishing Charter, Alaska Whale Watching

Alaska Yacht Charter, Alaska Salmon Fishing, Alaska Whale Watching, Halibut Fishing Charter, Salmon Fishing Charter, Sportfishing, Alaska Fishing Lodge

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waterfalls in alaska, Alaskan Fishing Trip, Alaska Salmon Fishing, Alaska Whale Watching

The Inside Passage is the premier ground for your Alaska fishing trip!

Experience spectacular halibut, salmon, rockfish and cod fishing in the protected waters of Alaska's Inside Passage.

Unlike the multitude of on-shore Alaska fishing lodge options, an Alaska Charter Fishing vessel provides the unique experience of living aboard the yacht your entire trip! Not having to return to a base camp every night, the Catita II has the ability to explore remote areas where few other fishermen have the opportunity to cast his/her line! Your Alaska fishing trip will be the best experience you will ever have. Alaska fishing licenses and all fishing gear are provided.

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Inside Passage small cruise ship is the best way to enjoy Alaska Small Cruises

An Alaska small ship cruise is the best way to experience the Fiords with their sheer cliffs; awe-inspiring glaciers, ice fields and fanciful icebergs! Wildlife viewing is abundant. Along the shores, you are assured of observing bears and mountain goats.

The water is home to playful stellar sea lions, Humpback and Orca whales, porpoises, sea otters and seals. Casual and serious birders and foul lovers can enjoy a multitude of species that make Alaska their home. Bald eagles, arctic terns, marbled murrelets and pigeon guillemots (easily identified by their red feet) are common sights while cruising the Inside Passage.

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